Timing of the test

Jump  60 minutes


3 Parts (15 questions) (30 Marks)

Part 1

5 short dialogues heard twice. Candidates choose the best answer according to the picture.

Part 2

Candidates listen and complete the missing words from a list. The piece is heard twice.

Part 3

Candidates listen to a story and answer multiple choice questions based on the story. The piece is heard twice.


5 Parts (50 Marks)

Part 4

5 questions – candidates match the correct definition with the word.

Part 5

5 questions – candidates rearrange sentences into the correct order to form a coherent paragraph.

Part 6

5 questions – candidates complete a text from the three multiple choice options given

Part 7

5 questions – candidates choose another word for the underlined word from the multiple choice options given

Part 8

5 questions – a reading passage with multiple choice comprehension questions.


(20 marks)

Part 9

Candidates write a story (between 50-60 words) based on three picture prompts.