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Coming Soon! The 3ple Jump Speaking Component.

We are happy to announce that the 3ple Jump Speaking Component will soon be introduced in specific countries starting in early 2024. This optional component can be availed of either as a stand-alone component or as an enhancement to the standard written tests for each of the HOP, STEP, and JUMP levels.

To learn more about how to access the speaking component, please get in touch with your country representative.

Pre A1



The Triple Jump tests at levels Pre-A1, A1 and A2 are open to students whose first language is not English.  The tests are offered globally and are designed to suit different language learning needs while based on classroom learning. No specific preparation is necessary.

The tests are aimed at students in primary and lower-secondary education. They provide a clear motivational path for students to improve in English

How the tests are organised

The tests can be held at any time during the year following consultation with you local centre. For additional quality assurance a selection of scripts are second marked to maintain standardisation levels.

Results are issued within two weeks.

All test takes receive a certificate with their overall result.
Each certificate carries a candidate unique id which can be used to view results online and share certificate on social media platforms.


How to check your results online

Go to

Enter your Candidate number and Unique Candidate ID, which are found on your certificate and statement of entry.
View or download your results certificate.
Feel free to share your certificate with friends online.

What are the tests used for?

The tests are used as a global benchmark and provide valuable feedback to students, teachers and parents as well as educational authorities about the level of achievement of language learners. They provide an excellent means of promoting learning in a fun and interesting way while at the same time motivating students through success.

What kind of recognition do the tests enjoy?

As with other tests at these levels which are designed for younger children, the form of recognition lies in the international benchmarking, the global recognition of levels and the motivational features of the tests.

Local governments and authorities may use the tests as a means of certifying the current level of students.

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